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    • E.N.T.
    • Sens Z is innovative and the most advanced electrosurgical unit
      which is suitable for wide range of E.N.T application.
    • Free voltage
    • User memory : 10 users can set and memorize the operating
      conditions and modes.
    • Memorization of the last operating condition,
      when turn on and off
    • Auto-stop function : Reproducible lesion size
    • For : Better for plastic surgery and outpatient surgical clinics
  • Mode Specification
    Cut 25W / 600Ω
    Coagulation 30W / 100Ω
    Rated Voltage AC100 - 240V
    Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption 160VA+10% 
    Fuse T1.6ALAC250V
    Protection class Class1, Type CF
    Leakage current In acc. With IEC601,Part2-2
    Carrier Frequency 485 KHz
    Weight & Dimension 5.5kg, 330x320x150 mm
    Weight 5.5 Kg
  • Standard accessories
    • D1 Double foot switch
      D5 Patient plate & Cable
      D8 Monopolar handle
      E1 Disposable Sens probe
      E2 Disposable wire straight electrode
  • Optional accessories
    • D3 Bipolar Forceps
      D7 Bipolar cable
      E3 Disposable Sens probe
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