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  • Standard accessories
    • Standard accessories
    • All standard accessories are included
      in each unit. The standard accessories
      are different for each model.
      Refer to the standard accessories
      table below.
    • D1 Double foot switch
    • D2 Twin button handle
    • D3 Bipolar forceps
    • D4 Electrode
    • D5 Patient plate & Cable
    • D6 Return plate & Cable
    • D7 Bipolar cable
    • D8 Monopolar handle
    • D9 Single foot switch
    • D10 Monopolar Connecting Cable
  • Optional accessories
    • F1 : Straight 9.0cm 0.5 Tip
    • F2 : Angled 9.0cm 0.5 Tip
    • F3 : Straight 12.1cm 1.0 Tip
    • F4 : Straight 17.8cm 1.0 Tip
    • F5 : Angled 17.8cm 1.0 Tip
    • F6 : Bayonet 15.2cm 1.0 Tip
    • DT : Trolley
  • Standard accessories
    Model Touch + EVT Touch + Endo Touch 400/300/200 & Plus 200S/150 100/80
    D1 Double foot switch O O O O O X
    D2 Twin button handle O O O O O O
    D3 Bipolar forceps O O O O O Optional
    D4 Electrode O O O O O O
    D5 Rubber patient
    plate & Cable
    O O O O O O
    D6 Disposable return
    plate & Cable
    O O O O O X
    D7 Bipolar cable O O O O O Optional
    D8 Monopolar handle O O O O O X
    D9 Single foot switch O O O O X O
    D10 Monopolar
    Connecting Cable
    O O X X X X
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