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    • 2 kinds of models with different max power
    • DOCTANZ 200S/150 signify each different model with each max power, 200W, 150W.
    • LED indicator
    • Discriminating and showing each working mode by audio sound and LED indicator
    • Large LED Display
    • Easy checking the power value and the shifted display by the working mode, Cut or Coag./Bipolar
      • REM(Return Electrode Monitoring) for safety

        For patient and user safety, in case of inappropriate contact size between a patient and the pad, it automatically blocks the high-frequency current to minimize the danger of burning incidents.
  • Output power specification
  • Mode DOCTANZ 200S DOCTANZ 150
    Monopolar Cut Pure Cut 200W/200Ω 150W/200Ω
    Blend I 150W/200Ω 120W/200Ω
    Blend II 120W/200Ω 100W/200Ω
    Monopolar Coag. Contact 80W/200Ω 80W/200Ω
    Spray 80W/500Ω 60W/500Ω
    Bipolar Coag. 80W/100Ω 80W/100Ω
    Weight & Dimension 8Kg, 330X330X135
  • Standard accessories
  • D1 Double foot switch
    D2 Twin button handle
    D3 Bipolar forceps
    D4 Electrode
    D5 Patient plate & Cable
    D6 Return plate & Cable
    D7 Bipolar cable
    D8 Monopolar handle
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