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The complete solutions for the electrosurgeries with various types of models
1W step digital control for all models
So doctors can adjust output power by 1W step delicately.

Long Key(Speed Key) functions
- By pushing Mode button for 2~3 sec., the power setting goes down level '1' at one time.
- By pushing Up/Down Key for 2~3 sec., you can change the value very fast.

Memorization of the last operating condition, when turn on and off

Bipolar Mode with easy auto-hand switch
Easy operation by switchable hand and foot switch control

Different tone of sound with each LED light for each mode

Alarm sound and LED light, when the plate is disconnected from the equipment

In order to stop the alarm, press the button of Twin button handle or the pedal of Double foot switch

Auto-select function
By just pushing Cut or Coag. Mode on twin button handle or Double Foot Switch, users can use Cut mode or Coag. Mode alternatively.

A built-in fuse on a power circuit to prevent an over current from flowing through the equipment
Main Frequency 400KHz, 500KHz
Power Source 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Electrical Class Class I, Type CF

General Surgery, Endoscopy, Dermatology, Gynecology, Vascular Surgery, Heart/Thoracic Surgery, ORL/ENT, T.U.R., Orthopedics,
Oral Surgery, Urology, ...

The best efficiency, stability, and durability

DOCTANZ is developed by our plentiful experiences and know-how and tested under our strict QC System, so DOCTANZ will make users to
operate it in the best convenient conditions and enjoy the stability and durability.

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