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medical equipment expert and supplier by outsourcing & joining with the qualified factory for worldwide market.
specialized in exporting and supplying medical equipments for worldwide markets. We outsourced manufacturing system by joining with
the factory who is specialized in manufacturing. If you are looking for the best solutions for the Electrosurgery with good quality, price,
and service, Beful is the first considerable company.
established by and are based on actualizing the most reliable global business in the medical equipment field with about 20 years
experience of the president.
also based on ‘Trust’ at the business field. With our long experience, we found that the most important thing was the trust at the
global business and at the relations between us and customers. Once you experience Beful, you will get not only the most reliable
partner in the world for your business, but also the best friend in Korea in your life.
Naturally, ‘Trust’ is including reasonable price, good quality, immediate service, fast lead time, rapid feedback, and so on. For the
good business relations, these are basic.
Our brand name is meaning “Doctor Hands”. If you pronounce very fast ‘Doctor Hands’, you can do like [dactænz].
We are pursuing the trust for the both business and products quality by our brand name
Company Color ‘Green’ comes from Nature and wishes peaceful world.
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